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Sell you watch/jewellery with no strings attached, no commission fees, no long term contracts.


Heritage offers consignment option and allows you to sell your watch/jewellery by providing the knowledge and experience of our team. Thanks to the long-term presence in the market, we have the access to a wide network of clients & watch dealers worldwide.


How it works? Quite simple. 


You will bring your watch/jewellery to us to examine it’s condition & scope of supply.


We together determine and agree on the price you will be paid for your watch/jewellery. Of course we will base it on the current market value.


There will be a minimum of 7 working days for the consignment agreement, after that period you can stop & collect your watch/jewellery at any time during opening hours (by appointment).


You will be paid once/if the watch/jewellery is sold, payments up to €3000 can be paid in cash.


Of course you also have the option to sell us the watch if price is agreed.


We are doing our very best to be as fair as possible when making an offer based on market-value.

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